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Workshop, Seminar, and Private Session Clients

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

"It gives me a great pleasure to write this testimonial. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner and I met Joe when I enrolled in his class. I wanted to take his class even though I took NLP classes with a different instructor before. The reason why I took Joe's NLP course is because I've heard from others how that course changed their lives. I have taken many hypnotherapy and NLP courses in my life and I would simply say this is the best course I've ever taken. It is truly life changing.

I also had a personal session with Joe. I have tried with four different therapists so far to get rid of my flying phobia and it didn't work. In 15 minutes working with Joe the flying phobia was gone. He found the core problem and we dealt with the cause not the symptoms.

Joe's treatment was phenomenal and it has changed my life for the better. The session I did with him was extraordinary. He uses a very unique set of skills to help you with your issues. It was a powerful process because he fixed not only the flying phobia but some other issues that I had as well. He is a highly intelligent and gifted therapist, and more than anything a great person to deal with."

- SK

"Joe is a mind-blowing in the way he clearly articulates ancient wisdom so that it's practical in making me able to apply it in daily life for a life much more powerful and positive. The results are that life begins to magically bend towards me in the most surprising ways..."

- Tom Nadeau, CEO and founder of Nadeau Furniture with a Soul, and Tatsu Ramen

"Hi Joe, I hope this finds you well. I want to share a recent accomplishment with you. My company, ________ , participated in the CO Garden & Home Show this past month. It went so well! I am so please with how well the booth came out and the new relationships we made with vendors in our field. It was apparent to me when I walked the floor that we gave so much more love and attention to the quality of our presentation. I am so proud of how we represented. When we entered the convention center, I cried to myself out of amazement and pride. I have worked so hard to get where I am now and I did not know I had it in me. Before I met you, I had no clue about my potential. I thought I was broken and mediocre. I had no clue that I had the ability and drive to get as far as I have come. I now have a work ethic that blows my mind. I really have transformed into a different, evolved person. I feel so blessed to have met you My design was executed perfectly and came out better than I could have imagined. I have included pictures for you to see. Thanks for being you"

- Carolyn S.

 "It is rare you come across someone as intuitive and insightful as Joe Tabanella.  If you are ready to embrace your potential, Joe helps you let go of the obstacles holding you back and helps create your own opportunities."

- Michele Adelson - Managing Partner Copia Creative Inc. , Marketing, Branding and Mindful Content 

"My wife gave me 2 sessions as a Christmas gift last year. At the time I was very frustrated with my career as an actor. Joe really listened to my concerns.  In addition to my in office sessions, he created a recording for me to listen to daily between sessions. We focused on really feeling the experiences I desired.  It really helped me see some issues I had with success & self worth. I've done several other in office sessions over the last year.

The results did not happen overnight.  However, I end the year in a very different place then I started.  Joe's work helped me focus on what I wanted in my life and career. This focus guided my decisions that helped me change agents and move in the direction I had hoped for.  This week, I will film my 15th commercial of the year.  This in addition to several other projects.  I can't recommend his work enough.  If your having issues with trusting your path or just embracing and accepting whats already there, Joe can help you achieve clarity."

- B.G.

"I met Joe soon after my Mothers passing and he very swiftly enabled me to move on from that event. Over the following months, he assisted in a massive awakening for me. My life was starting to transform into a constant flow of wealth - money, property, health & happiness. He made me realise why I had achieved success in the past & how to overcome old issues, mostly from my childhood. My life is so much better having met Joe - I just wish I had been introduced to him sooner!"

- DM, London, England

“I left for Hawaii on May 3rd, the day after your course, and returned this Monday, May 11th… been meaning to reach out to  you all week, but haven’t had much down time until now.  I want to tell you that I really and truly believe that the session you did with me changed my life.  Perhaps I was waiting for some time to pass to see whether that change was just a “vacation glow” or a real transformation.  I do believe it is the latter.  I’m not joking when I say this… I no longer feel that I have to prove myself or that I have anything to prove at all.  How liberating!  Thank you again, Joe.  You are such a ray of sunshine!”

- Jayne Goldman, Los Angeles

"I know it's only been a few hours since we chatted about my relationship issue. But, your incite has helped me release so much passed crap. I feel so fucking happy right now. Very happy. It's just gone. I felt the shift taking place. I felt the pressure release... A few times that "hurt" feeling would start to try and creep in and I ignored at first, but after a couple of hours and that "pain" lessening, I didn't even have to do sub modalities. When It started to return, very subtly, and I said, thank you for sharing but this is what I am going to live in, now. I am choosing this.. not that. Now a few more hours have gone by, and I am trying so hard to bring it back up. The original intensity was HUGE like 0-10, it was a 273. When I try to bring it up, it's maybe a 2 or 3. I still have a very small feeling of it.. very small. But noticeable. Slightly noticeable. I'm just acknowledging and living in the happy. This one experience has made such a difference in my perspective of NLP. I get it now. I get the shifts. My chest feels 100 lbs lighter. Seriously! I feel liberated. I understand now what happened and why he felt he had to stop this relationship. He has his own shit but apparently so do I. I kept digging in and leading and mirroring and he kept moving back further and further. I am so glad I asked you about it, Joe. I am so grateful to have you in my ever changing and growing life! I thank the universal Pixies for you and your wisdom. A whole new realm of thinking opened up tonight that I did not see coming. I feel like me again! Not felt this way since before my relationship I had with Someone when I was 16. Same thing happened then. Summer relationship, and I tied that into this and the part about mom's example of Any relationship duration, regardless, you must feel that hurt or you are wrong and in denial. What kind of hurt does a 30 day relationship really deserve? Right? Oh man, FREEING. I Feel so damn good. Yea, a whole new realm of thinking. All that poor bloke wanted was a light, fun , hassle free gal. I gave him anxiety and I pressured him unbeknownst to my consciousness.. I dug my proverbial claws of insecurity into it.. backed him against a wall and he had no where else to go. Poor guy! I cannot believe how fast this process worked. And I didn't do anything but think about the meaning of what you stated. Profound. I will test it again in the morning. It's been 10 hours since he broke it off. And 8 hours since I got the learning, still feel amazing and lighter and so happy, happy to have learned this about me. Thank you Joe. Love the NLP ways. A new realm... amazing."

- Anonymous

“I have terrible test anxiety and I would avoid taking tests whenever I could – I never took the SATs or the GREs and I failed my driver’s permit test one time.  However, there came a point in my life when I could no longer avoid tests as I needed to pass two for my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist.  I am the poster child of failed tests for the BBS – I failed the first test once then passed it, the second test I failed, then they restructured the testing and I had to take a whole different test that I failed twice.  I could see the finish line, but couldn’t cross it.  I was so wrapped up in my head and would second guess myself to the point that I would have complete freak out moments in the test and couldn’t concentrate.  After expressing this to a colleague and being on the verge of giving up, she urged me to try hypnosis. I am a huge critic of hypnosis and didn’t think that it would work for me.  I thought to myself ‘well I have nothing to lose and I’ll try anything at this point.’  I emailed Joe – secretly hoping he wouldn’t call me back – but he did right away.  We talked for a moment and I expressed my predicament.  We made an appointment that week to work on my fears and anxiety regarding taking tests.  I went into the appointment open minded, but I struggled with letting go of my self-control and letting myself feel vulnerable, but once I did – seriously wow, what a wave of relief.  I saw Joe one time and then took my test a couple of months later and would you believe it – I passed!  I was so much more relaxed and calm taking my test that I could actually focus on the questions.  It wasn’t a matter of not knowing the material, it was controlling my heart rate and tapping into my fears of feeling like I wasn’t good enough.

Thank you Joe for your help!  I would definitely recommend for those skeptics to go at least one time like me.  I would love to return and delve deeper into my subconscious.”

- Tawnny H., LMFT Lancaster, CA


- Amanda Brasil

"Hi Joe: Happy New Year! We got back January 9th but I did good with the flight going there. It was a 10 hour flight.

We had a very bad turbulence that shook the airplane & people were screaming but I did good, I didn't freak out. The pilot purposely dropped the plane in altitude. It was a very sharp drop which felt like the airplane was falling & hitting something very hard. …. BUT  during the turbulence, I saw someone's wine come out of their glass & hit the ceiling. People started screaming & kids were crying.  I was talking to a frequent flyer and he said he hadn't experienced anything like this… with my luck, I did. Also coming back, we took 2 flights from Nice 2 hours & 10 hour London to LA. I was worried about being in the plane that long but slept half the flight. Thank you for helping me. Now for the first time I'm not afraid of traveling!"

- P.G., Los Angeles, CA

"My experience working with Joe Tabbanella, has been life changing! I recommend him highly, to any and everyone wanting to understand/open/examine/learn themselves." 

- Randi Mavestrand

"I have now entered a never-ending chapter wherein I can manifest anything and everything I want. I am living the life I've always dreamed of, without fear of what may come or go. Because what I have now is something I didn't have before... I have the state. I have finally harnessed the power of my subconscious mind such that I am living in a state of blissful love, fulfillment, and peace. Yes, my physical reality looks pretty amazing right now, too: I am living in my absolute favorite neighborhood and working at a job that is very gratifying. But not even a tsunami or a layoff could take away how GOOD I feel internally. The job and the apartment are the sprinkles on an already delicious cake. This state of being -- of feeling so incredibly happy, unleashed, and empowered -- is something I will continue to hold, cultivate, and enjoy, no matter what happens in the physical world. After years of waiting with anxious anticipation, pushing hard, and stretching myself so thin in hopes of achieving my vision of happiness, heath, success, love, and acceptance, I realized that my MIND was the only thing in my way (not the money, job, or relationships). My own fears and negative self-perceptions were what really kept that dream imprisoned. But through my work with Joe and hypnotherapy, I was able to unroot those limiting beliefs and relax my body enough to allow my mind to manifest and receive the things I've always longed for. And it all started with the state - fostering a deep, unwavering belief that I am lovable, worthy, powerful, and perfect, no matter what. After all, this is the state in which we enter the world, and too quickly we disconnect from it and allow life experiences and traumas to detract us. I'm never leaving this place again - not for anything. Not for guilt, fear, worry, or shame -- as much as they may tug at my sleeve. I can, and will, continue to allow myself to feel this good."

- T. Wexler, Santa Monica, CA

"I started the journey with Joe by telling him my fears and what I thought prevented me from obtaining my goals of being a successful voice over actor. We explored my believe systems and why and what shaped those beliefs and then under hypnosis Joe guided me into the resistance of my life. It took a couple sessions until there was calm. Then he taught me how to journal about my life under self hypnosis at home. During these home 30 minute sessions with myself I would write about my future life as if it was currently happening. For example, I would write something like, "I'm so happy! I'm smiling from ear to ear. I booked a cartoon series on Nickelodeon." And when I was writing "smiling from ear to ear" I really was feeling happy and smiling as if it really did happen. After about a couple month of doing this hypno-journaling I suddenly found myself not needing to do it anymore.  It was almost as if I lost interest because deep down inside I felt, and felt is the keyword here, that I was satisfied. My dreams were fulfilled. I had everything I needed.  Looking back, it was a strange to place to be not really having something but knowing that I actual did have it. And I also found myself much more content with life and my day job as I continued doing my auditions. Many many months past. So many in fact, that I had forgotten about the journal. And then one day, my agent called and told me I had booked a series regular on a new Nickelodeon cartoon and they bought 52 episodes!  So much joy rushed through me. The emotional energy that I had created inside me with the journal had reflected back and emerged into reality.   I called Joe to tell him. He was over the moon happy for me and we talked for an hour about the whole process. It was one great debriefing conversation that I'll never forget. With one of the realizations  that your reality is a reflection of your emotional energy.  So if you find yourself stuck somewhere in your life then I can only recommend one master life mechanic to help you.   Joe is a master at understanding the forces that shape us and prevent us from achieving our goals.  He taught me techniques that allowed me to create not just a visualization of what I dreamed but an emotional experience inside of myself that allowed the world around me to simply reflect what was already inside of me. His techniques continue to transform my business and my personal relationships.”

- K.G., Woodland Hills, CA

"I was experiencing panic attacks while driving a vehicle, and was getting very worried. I've always been a strong and very responsible person who lived my life head on, happy and plowing forward no matter what, all with a smile on my face. Nothing really fazed me... until one day, I was driving down a freeway, and I noticed my palms started sweating on the wheel. My breathing became uneven, and my heart was racing. I was light-headed and very quickly, my vision started to darken. I pulled to the side of the freeway as quickly and safely as I could. I knew even then that I was having a panic attack. This was horrendously scary for me. How could this happen to me, when I was so "in control" of everything? People have told me that I was very even-tempered and unflappable! Why me? Well it did happen several more times, and I knew I needed help. At our first meeting, Joe was very professional, but he was also extremely sincere, warm and welcoming. He was so gentle and non-judgmental. More than a therapist, he was a teacher and friend, who held my hand through the entire process. Most importantly, Joe LISTENED to me, and heard, and saw the possibilities for me. And like the great teachers, he didn't point these out for me. Instead, I realized these for myself, while Joe gently opened me up to my truths in his own magical Joe-way. It truly was very empowering, and humbling at the same time. I no longer experience the panic attacks while driving and I attribute this to Joe's intuitive approach on how to make me realize that all the answers are within me to begin with, and then to help me find those answers. Joe is absolutely brilliant. He continues to be the key to clearing blocks and unlocking truths in my life. He is one gifted person and as always, he came to me at the right time. Thank you, Joe, for being you."

- P.B., Los Angeles, CA

"I have been looking for my biological mother all of my life.  I have been to many Law of Attraction seminars and have read countless books on the subject and yet I wasn't any closer to finding her.  Then I attended Joe's seminar. I was so excited about what I had learned that I approached Joe at the end of the seminar. I told Joe that thanks to him "I am going to find my mother". He took me aside and gently corrected my misunderstanding of the teaching. He told me that the most misunderstood and important principle in The Law of Attraction is that I needed to give myself what it was that I thought finding my mom would give me. He continued to explain that life only reflects what you have created inside first. So, for one week, I applied the techniques he gave me and suddenly it happened...... I no longer NEEDED to find her. I had created the internal experience I was missing.  Several hours later the adoption agency called and the words that I have been wanting to hear my whole life was on the other end of the phone ..."Jayne, we have found your mother!!" Thank you Joe. THANK YOU! I have enclosed pictures of my new family!"

- J.N., Queens, NY

"You can change your life. You can overcome, Fear and Anxiety. You can deal with the anger and frustration of an abusive background. Most of all, you can have a quality of life that you thought was out of your reach. I thought I would die a broken women but now I live a life of joy and wonder. Nothing is out of my reach. My last battle is food and even that doesn't seem out of my reach. If I can overcome all that I have, I will overcome this as well. Joe is the real deal and he will have your back. I think of him as my Life Coach."

- Maureen O.

“He asked me if I could have anything what would it be. I said, “A recurring guest starring role on a hit Network TV show.” He asked, “Why not a series regular?” I wanted to leave time open to shoot films and such. We went on to delve into more personal issues  within which he was gentle, poignant, and patient.  I felt more and more positive and relaxed showing up for auditions. Then after a week, I booked a RECURRING ROLE ON A TV SHOW!I have been blocked by fear. That was the true reason I said that I did not want it.  I want it and I can have it."​

- H.G., New York, NY

“I’m an actress, and I wanted more confidence to know that I could book more roles, but didn’t know how to do it. I met Joe Tabbanella, and what he taught me was priceless. I learned how to really dig deep within myself, then I finally felt it…a “feeling” that I was looking for, one where I really believed that I had won. I ended up booking a principal role for a commercial the next day. Joe Tabbanella really teaches you how to really believe in yourself, how to internalize that belief, and in return, you get your rewards. Meeting Joe was definitely a life-changing experience! Thanks, Joe!"

- T.H. New York, NY

"For years I have struggled with sleep issues.  I can fall asleep easily but often I wake up in the middle of the night. I went to see Joe Tabbanella as a means to help reduce anxiety and help with sleep. After a number of sessions, I see significant improvement in the number of hours I sleep each night and my level of anxiety during the day. Mr. Tabbanella is professional, caring and committed the health and well-being of his clients."

- D.S. PhD, Los Angeles, CA

"I attended your seminar at CnC Studios and confirmed my strong hunch – You have something to share which I needed to hear… You have handed me a flashlight to shine upon ​the trail which defines my own personal journey through life… Outstanding!"​

- Rino M., Brooklyn, NY

"Joe has helped me tap into that was always there. I realized I was blocking what I wanted to do in life and I  needed work. After taking Joe’s seminar and a few private sessions I took down roadblocks standing in my way and started pushing forward and I know I'm headed in the right direction. I recommend him to anyone who wants to overcome any hurdle keeping them back to living the exceptional life they want to."

- Stephen E., New Haven CT
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