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Take a break from the chaos.

  • 1 h
  • Online Event

Service Description

Our external events are the confluence of countless causes and effects. We have no ability to control all of that. We do, however have 100% agency to affect our inner world and experiences. I have found (too many times to count), when I take 100% responsibility for my thoughts/feelings and don’t allow the external world dominance over them, my subconscious mind (processing 50 million bits/second) finds a way to eventually match (externally)what I have already become, internally. The physical manifestation is nothing more than the cherry on the cake. Our external experiences consist of photons, pressure waves, sensory somatic patterns, smells and taste. It is our inner world that is the locus of our experience. When we “manifest” easily, it is because we only seek an external change. The challenge comes when we try to change our inner experience by attempting to change the external world. This is the nature of angst and suffering. Please allow me share with you how to get out of this manifestation trap. I will be offering meditations, practices, insights and answers to common questions.

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