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About Joe

Hi, I'm Joe and welcome. I’m happy that you have landed here.


For as long as I can remember, I was curious and fascinated with the human potential and the power of the subconscious mind.

Convinced that the solution to my problems was an inside job, I set out on a journey to understand my mind and how it works in achieving goals, releasing suffering and experiencing happiness. Through determination and intuitive guidance, I have discovered insights and practices which helped me to both:

overcome personal challenges such as anxiety, depression, and helplessness and achieve the results that I strived for in the areas of finance, health, fitness, relationships and career.

Once I discovered happiness was not found in external experiences but through internal practice, and that success starts in the mind, it freed me from never-ending attachments and aversions. Paradoxically, as a result, external conditions seem to fall into place.


Following a life changing experience, I decided to dedicate my life to giving others the insights and practices that I was so fortunate to have received.


I sought out modalities which touted the same principles and discovered them in Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Biofeedback, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), radical acceptance and Mental & Emotional Release (MER).


In addition to helping clients using a fusion of these modalities, I also instruct and certify students in these modalities.

I look forward to meeting you and going through the journey together.

Get to know Joe!
Tabb Technique

Tabb Technique

The Tabb Technique is my personalized approach to help you align your creative and automated mind with your conscious mind. It’s designed to be simple and focused, with palatable information and practices, to help you achieve your desired outcomes.


  • We will tap into your subconscious mind and break it down together in the following areas:

  • Define a clear vision and internalize it.

  • Practice and maintain the feelings of the desired outcome fulfilled.

  • Recognize where you are now, accept there are things you will have to learn and experiences you will have to have, in order to get you from here to there.

  • Understand the power of decision and commitment.

  • Identify and release limiting beliefs and unprocessed negative emotions.


By using the language of your neurology and reprogramming it, we will orient you back to being a limitless intention machine. Allowing you to set your own intentions without fear, hurt, or shame getting in the way.


The Tabb Technique takes you through the following practical steps:
1. Identify the structure of the problem: What are the thoughts, beliefs, images, feelings, meanings, and emotions associated with the problem?
2. Consciously dissociate from the problem: Step back and see the structure of the problem, objectively, as a third-person observer.
3. Introduce resources to the problem: Resources include reframes (changing meaning), positive states of being, self-hypnosis, meditation, new behaviors, the mindful release of uncomfortable emotions, and internalizing positive states associated with the desired outcome.
4. Observe yourself successfully overcoming the challenge while utilizing the resources.
5. Mentally rehearse overcoming the challenges and successfully achieving your outcome, as if it's happening now.

Professional Credentials & Certifications

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) Trainer

  • Mental and Emotional Release (MER) Trainer  

  • Biofeedback and Hypnosis Instructor at Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) 

  • Group facilitator at Milestones Ranch Malibu (MRM) - Dual Diagnostics Treatment Center for Addiction 

  • Biofeedback Facilitator and Hypnotherapist at MRM

  • Group Facilitator at Connect Wellness - Mental Health Facility

  • Private Practice - Woodland Hills CA 

  • Co-author of Children Books: Hedge and Hippo

  • Co-creator of the app: POSSIBLE 

  • Motivational Speaker 

  • Workshop Facilitator

  • Corporate Goal-Setting and Team Building

  • Living Example of Principles and Practices Employed 

  • Certifications:  

    • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Clinical Achievement Award) 

    • Trainer of Neuro -Linguistic Programing (NLP) 

    • Trainer of Mental and Emotional Release (MER)

    • Weight Loss Specialist

    • Open Focus (Synchronous Alpha) 

    • Smoking Cessation Specialist

    • Hypnosis and PTSD

    • Biofeedback

    • Hypnosis and Inner-Child

    • Pain Management  

  • Other Trainings

    • HeartMath Interventions 

    • Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

    • Brain Spotting - Phase 1 & 2 

Credentials & Certifictions
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